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Sam Elbert's Friends and Fam - Captain: Sam Elbert
We are so happy you will be joining us for our 13th annual Walk for Down Syndrome hosted by DSACK!  Every penny earned from this walk will go to continue the important work DSACK does to support, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.  DSACK is a lifeline for so many families along their journey.  Thank you for joining our team and for supporting the vital work of this organization.  We'll see you on October 28!

On the dawn of May 30, 2004, Samuel Elbert arrived 4 weeks and 1 day early on Memorial Weekend.  He arrived in an unassuming way amidst tornadoes in Lexington, KY.  He arrived with a quiet peace about him.  I gazed in awe, in the way that only a new mother can, at his coppery silk hair and his soul capturing eyes.  We would soon learn that he also arrived with an extra 21st chromosome in every cell of his body and 3 holes in his heart.  Just as the dawn begins a new day and gently urges you towards the light, who knew that once again a tiny, swaddled baby would yawn and stretch awake a new life of clarity, hope and dazzling love that shines like the sun amidst a world often strife with tornadoes?  Like the sunrise, Sam arrived - beautifully and wonderfully made – illuminating love and hope, to awaken and enlighten a new day for us…

Come join our family on Saturday October 28th as we celebrate Sam, and all people with Down Syndrome, as we participate in our 14th Walk for Down Syndrome with DSACK (Down Syndrome Association of Central KY.  Click on this link to join our team in person or in spirit with a donation. 

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William McReynolds
Skinner Family
Innovative Pest Management
Tom, Tina, Will and Tyler Erpenbeck
Wyatt Combs
Lois Allen
Charles Moore
Marilyn Peterson
The Gruneisens
The Crawfords
The Jacobs family
Lafser Family
Shelia Terry
Clark, Tara, and Tommy Steffen
Least Family
Daniel J Noll
Evelyn Borders
The Mogges
Club 21
Fred and Gale Rhodes
Tom and Cathy Erpenbeck
Mary and Joe Petry
The Janowiaks
Club 21 July & Aug
Chris & Michele Donohue & Family
Tracy Clay
Lisa Barnes
Michele & Alexis Brock
Joan/Jeff Bieber
Matthew Pabin
John Hickey
Jackson and Davis crawford
Bill and Lynne Kain
Barb Elbert
Chris and Mindy Johnson
Hayden Family (SPPS)
Marcia Roark
Timothy Statts
IPM Pest and Termite
Jennifer Alderman
Colton Johnson
Club 21 Sept
Team Registrants
Bailey Stephenson
Jack Spinnato
Joan Bieber
Dennis Elbert
Jayla Burke
Sam Elbert
Wyatt Combs
Alexis Brock
Cynthia McMillen
Leslie Devore
Charles Moore
Anna Meegar
Marilyn Peterson
Guy David Mogge
Alan McMillen
Norb Elbert
Sam Moore
Courtney Elbert
Jade Elbert
Wendy Roark
Lily Simpson
Ellie Clay
Maggie Spinnato
Shelia Terry
Susan Moore
Richard Moore
Amy Simpson
Greg Peterson
Erica Lafser
Catherine Lafser
Ansley Stephenson
Daniel J Noll
Lillian Moore
Grace McMillen
Caroline Tucker
Coral Fox
Jimmy Fox
Emily Harper
Amy Meegan
Alan McMillen
Tracy Clay
Julia Hollon
Michele Brock
Gary Eiseman
Matthew Pabin
Jim Lafser
Christine Harper
Ann Everett Hollon
Mary Burke
Jeff Bieber
Tiernan Moore
Jake Moore
Xavier Moore
Ryan Roark
Kylie Mae Stephenson
Mayah Fox
Shelby Moore
Barb Elbert
Todd Eiseman
Sydney Elbert
Mark McMillen
Ethan Elbert
Riley Brandon
Teri Wiedmann
Emma McMillen
Marcia Roark
Patty Eiseman
Martin Tucker
Rebecca Roark
Colton Johnson
Robert Roark
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