Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky
Remi's Racers - Captain: Carolee Taylor
We are so happy you will be joining us for our 13th annual Walk for Down Syndrome hosted by DSACK!  Every penny earned from this walk will go to continue the important work DSACK does to support, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.  DSACK is a lifeline for so many families along their journey.  Thank you for joining our team and for supporting the vital work of this organization.  We'll see you on October 28!
Thank you so much for supporting Remi's Racers and DSACK!  We are truly grateful to have you on our team.  DSACK is such a wonderful resource of information, support, encouragement, and friendship.  We are looking forward to watching Remi grow and take part in the opportunities that DSACK provides for the many stages of her development.  We are also looking forward to seeing you on October 28th at our walk day at Southland Christian Church, a day of celebration and culmination of all of our fundraising efforts!
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