Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky
Race with Jase - Captain: Latisha Phipps
We are so happy you will be joining us for our 13th annual Walk for Down Syndrome hosted by DSACK!  Every penny earned from this walk will go to continue the important work DSACK does to support, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.  DSACK is a lifeline for so many families along their journey.  Thank you for joining our team and for supporting the vital work of this organization.  We'll see you on October 28!
Team Goal

Team Registrants
David Phipps
Valerie  Williams
rhonda  lewis
kendra  whitt
jeff  Bailey
Billie Jo Vance
William Kidd
John Isaac Barker
Kesha Adkins
Lannie Vance
jimmy darrell easterling
Janice Vance
Ruby Lemaster
courtney  little
debbie  easterling
Doug Howard
Alicia Wagoner
kayla easterling
Andy  Plank
polo easterling
Shaun  Vance
Lisa Fannin
jimmy darrell  easterling
Gracie Phipps
Leah LeMaster
Hope Barker
Zach Engle
Rose Howell
Savannah Plank
David Smith
Samantha Kidd
Judy  Phipps
Latisha Phipps
Melissa Phipps
Bryleigh Vance
Mickie Vance
Jenny  Dixon
joann henry
arlie  Bailey
Arlene Potter
debbie easterling
David Ison
Mary Jane Ison
Brie Adkins
Craig  Dixon
Stephanie Vance
Kim Smith
William LeMaster
Missy Howard
Lynn Phipps
Linden Lemaster
Sandra Dye
Team Donors
Jamie and Novella Fannin
Lisa Fannin
Rose Howell
Amie Burden
Angie Pennington
David, Kim, Mamaw & Stephanie
Zach Engle
Mickie Vance
Chris, Sara, Allie and Olivia Charles
Doug & Norma Martin
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