Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky
Kylie's Krew - Captain: Kylie McPhetridge
We are so happy you will be joining us for our 13th annual Walk for Down Syndrome hosted by DSACK!  Every penny earned from this walk will go to continue the important work DSACK does to support, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.  DSACK is a lifeline for so many families along their journey.  Thank you for joining our team and for supporting the vital work of this organization.  We'll see you on October 28!
Team Goal

Team Registrants
Tammie Wagovich
Kaitlyn Wagovich
Shelia Bingham
Janna Stringfield
Barbara Cottrell
Kylie McPhetridge
Mark Snyder
Dolores Weaver
Rachel Snyder
Beverly McClure
Jan McPhetridge
Charlie Fauste
Pat Robords
Steve Cottrell
Jr. McKnight
Chasity Snyder
Corene McDaniel
Cameron Wagovich
Larry Robords
Travis McPhetridge
Lorene Vance
Leslie Snyder
Remi Fauste
Christine Walden
Raina Fauste
Connie McKnight
Terry McPhetridge
Jaden McPhetridge
Tonya McPhetridge
Phyllis Belt
Team Donors
The Wagovich Family
Marvin Williams
Easter Shirt Sales
Shelia Bingham
Laurel River Miss Bapt
The Snyder Family
Dolores Weaver
RoseAnne Galenski
Women of Weaver
Patty and Joe
David Briggs
Desiree Meyer
Laura Mischel
The Warrens
Mendez Family
Ellie and Drake
Laura Hartmann
Rich Fopiano
Alex Amores
Juliet Alexander
Silvia Cuevas
Jerry and Phyllis
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