Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky
Nico's Crew - Captain: Rebekah Pascucci

People with Down syndrome are living longer and accomplishing more than ever thought possible.  Because of this, the programs and services DSACK offers are more vital than ever before. We are committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities – free of charge – to individuals with Down syndrome. To ensure the best quality of life and high expectations, we offer educational opportunities thoughout the lifespan that include: early math and reading for children as young as 4; cooking classes, a summer enrichment program; bike camp; Taekwondo; dance class; and brand new this fall, a college-level public speaking course for adults 18 and over. In addition, we continue to offer support to parents, educators, and medical professionals in our region.

We couldn't do this without YOUR generous support!  Thank you!

Nico's Crew 

Why support DSACK? Nico and our family have been blessed by both the relationships and resources provided by this organization. In the midst of a time where having Down syndrome is not valued but even eliminated before the child is born. Dsack provides hope to new families who have children with Down syndrome. They help facilitate a community of families who lift up and support each other as they navigate all of the unknown territory. Please consider becoming a part of our team. This is DSACK's biggest fundraiser and this year the walk will be held at the Masterson Station Fair Grounds on September 15th. We would love for you to join us. If you are unable to come you can still join us as a virtual walker by donating. Thank you again for all your support. Nico and the Pascucci Clan

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