Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky
Anderson's Angels - Captain: Lynn Braker
We are so happy you will be joining us for our 13th annual Walk for Down Syndrome hosted by DSACK!  Every penny earned from this walk will go to continue the important work DSACK does to support, celebrate, and educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.  DSACK is a lifeline for so many families along their journey.  Thank you for joining our team and for supporting the vital work of this organization.  We'll see you on October 28!

Anderson Braker would love for you to join his team and walk with our family and friends to raise money and awareness for Down Syndrome!

In his 5 short years on this earth, Anderson has raised over $50,000 for Down Syndrome causes which have helped so many families and individuals in need of medical assistance, emotional support and educational resources.

He has walked on Washington numerous times to give Senators and Congressmen that extra loving push they need to pass life changing laws for all people with disabilities. 

And he is the hourly sunshine in not only his Mom and Dad's eye, but the eyes of his ever loving Facebook fan club. 

Please join Anderson's Angels to show yourlove, encouragement and kindness to a group of people who bring so much joy and compassion to a world that can't afford to live without their smiles and perspective every day.  

Thank you and God bless!


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